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Today, box springs and mattresses are often purchased separately. While many people may wonder if using a box spring is necessary, it’s a pretty worthy investment. Box springs can benefit both old and new mattresses. They provide additional comfort, elevation, and shock absorption for your mattress. Here’s an overview of the box spring to help you decide how you’ll arrange your bedding.

What Is a Box Spring Used For?

Think of a box spring as the mattress’s foundation. A box spring is a supportive base that elevates a mattress off the bed frame or floor. The springs inside the box spring have been phased out over the years, as companies have improved the quality of mattresses with memory foam and other materials. Some box springs still have springs inside, which can add more comfort and bounce to the mattress. They can also slow down the wear-and-tear resulting from sleeping on your mattress over time. There are endless styles of box springs to choose from that are sure to match the aesthetic of any bedroom, so you can customize your bed to your liking.

Which Mattresses Need Box Springs?

When you buy a mattress, there’s usually a tag or label with the specification for use from the manufacturer that usually states if a box spring is necessary. You’ll likely need a box spring if you plan to use a bed frame, as mattresses should not be placed on a frame without additional protection. Also, if the mattress is a traditional double-sided innerspring, a box spring is required. Even if your mattress’s warranty doesn’t mention a box spring, you’ll still appreciate the enhanced support and comfort. Box springs add height and bounce to your bed, making it easier to sleep comfortably while reducing the likelihood of dust or pet hair buildup.

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